Customer satisfaction - complaints from customers

Written complaints by customers to water companies have fallen in recent years – down by over a third in the last five years, although not by much in the last year. But companies know they still face a tough challenge to improve their services and customers’ overall satisfaction even further.



How do we measure up?

In 2015-16 we received 21.9 written complaints per 10,000 customers.

The level of written complaints received from our customers has reduced again in 2015-16 with a 38 per cent improvement compared to the prior year and a 66 per cent reduction over a two year period. 

We are now performing better than the industry average but continue to focus on reducing this number further. 

Top tip!

If you have a problem with your water service there are a number of ways to contact us including using our Live Chat or social media options. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook at @sewateruk