Customer satisfaction - complaints to CCWater

The vast majority of complaints are settled between companies and their customers. But sometimes customers need help from CCWater, the consumer watchdog. The figures below include advising on how to pursue a complaint, informal negotiations with companies for an acceptable customer outcome, and formal investigations.



How do we measure up?

In 2015-16 CCWater received 292 written complaints relating to South East Water which equates to 2.98 complaints per 10,000 properties that we provide water for.  

Some customers choose to contact CCWater prior to contacting us and their complaints are included in this number.

In 2013-14, CCWater undertook one investigation relating to a complaint received from a South East Water customer but since then there have been zero each year.

We are pleased to report a 42% reduction in complaints to CCWater over a two year period.

Our numbers continue to fall in line with our overall complaints. We are particularly pleased that no cases referred directly to CCWater over the past two years led to an investigation.

All of our communications to customers include transparent information on how to contact CCWater if they believe that this is the most appropriate route for their issue to be resolved. 

Top tip!

We strive to provide a five-out-of-five service and hope complaints aren't necessary. However if you feel you do need to formally complain read our code of practice leaflet "when things go wrong" to guide you.