Looking at the money - annual bill

Average annual household water bills (England and Wales) 2017-18

 Average bills 1718.PNG

How do we measure up?

Our average household bill for 2017/18 is £206. This equates to 56 pence a day.

Every five years, Ofwat agrees the price we can charge our customers. These are set for a five year period to give customers more certainty about the levels of their bills.

The price we set reflects the fact the region we operate in is classed as water stressed and we need to invest in our water resources and network to ensure we secure supplies for the future.

During 2015 to 2020 we will invest around £475 million in upgrading our water infrastructure - that's over £500 for every home and business we supply.

Top tip!

If you are worried about your bill, talk to us. Our specially trained Customer Care Team can help you find a payment option that suits you. There are a number of tariffs and support available for those who have difficulty paying their bill.