Your drinking water - quality

Your water must be safe to drink. Drinking water must meet strict standards that make sure it is safe to drink and the quality is acceptable to consumers.


The graph shows each company’s overall performance against the water quality tests (known as Overall Mean Zonal Compliance) for the latest year. 

How do we measure up?

From source to tap, our water is among the very best in the world. Our scientists test for more than 150 substances at our state-of-the-art laboratory at Farnborough, Surrey. 

We make sure the water leaving our treatment works and reservoirs is the highest quality and that this is maintained once in the water network.

In 2016-17 99.95% of all water samples passed the quality test.

For the past three years we have consistently met at least 99.95% quality and continually invest in new pipes, treatment works and laboratory equipment to ensure water supplies are of excellent quality. 

Top tip!

Keeping your taps clean is really important too. Follow these simple steps to make sure yours stay bacteria free:

  • Regularly use mild disinfectant to clean around the lip of your tap and inside the spout
  • Run water for a short period to clear away disinfectant
  • Ensure food never comes into contact with the tap
  • Don't hang a dishcloth over it