Our plans

It is vital we plan ahead over many years to ensure we can deliver a reliable supply of quality drinking water to our customers at a fair price in the future.

We have short and long term plans in place to secure your water services. These are agreed with our regulators following consultation with our customers and stakeholders.

They set out how we plan to maintain and improve our water main network and treatment works and secure water resources to meet the growing demand in the South East.

Our plans take into account the economy, the impact of housing growth and the effects of climate change, as well as new legislation to protect the quality of your tap water and the environment.

Consulting with our customers and stakeholders is vital to our planning and we take your views on board when shaping our future direction.

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Long-term plans: Clear Water

Supporting all of our plans is an overarching long term strategy which outlines the Company’s aspirations and future challenges and how we intend to meet them.

Clear Water: Piecing together the bigger picture

Water Resources Management Plan

Our plans include a 25-year Water Resource Management Plan, which sets out how we intend to secure sufficient water supplies for the future. This plan is updated every five years.

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Drought Plan

The Drought Plan shows the action we would take to deal with a drought in the region and this plan is now updated every five years.

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Business Plan

Our Business Plan sets out the investment we need to make during regular five-year periods to operate, maintain and improve our services. Our regulator Ofwat uses this plan to set the price limits for our customers during the same period.

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