Draft Water Resources Management Plan 2019

Our Water Resources Management Plan sets out how we intend to provide a secure and sustainable supply of water to our customers over the next 25 years and beyond.

We've now started forming our next WRMP, which will be finalised in 2019.

WRMP19 will set out measures to address water supply over a 60 year period from 2020-2080. As part of the development of a new WRMP, we're undertaking a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and have just started a consultation on the Scoping Report.

This provides stakeholders with an early opportunity to provide feedback on the approach to how we will assess the environmental impacts of the plan.

The Scoping Report, available to view below, sets out:

  • Description of the baseline environmental context 
  • Scope of the SEA assessment Proposed 
  • SEA assessment process and evaluation framework

Water Resources Management Plan 2019

Please submit comments and consultation responses by email to wre@southeastwater.co.uk or by post to Andrew Halliday, South East Water, Rocfort Road, Snodland, Kent, ME6 5AH.

The consultation period closes on 11th June 2017. At the end of the consultation, we'll review the comments received and document our changes in response to the comments within the Environmental Report, which will be made available alongside the draft WRMP19 submission.