WRMP Library

In this section you will find all the documentation relating to our Water Resources Management Plan.

You can download all these documents here:

The Water Resources Management Plan:

This is the full plan, and supporting appendices, that has been approved by the Government.

Please note: Specific documents that support our Water Resources Management Plan have been partially redacted due to security concerns in accordance with section 37B(8)(b) of the Water Industry Act 1991. Our Plan does not include any commercially confidential information.



Please note, not all sections of the Water Resources Management plan require supporting appendices.


Environmental Reports:


Data tables:


Annual Water Resources Review 2014:

This report, along with its accompanying data table, presents South East Water’s annual review of water resources performance compared with the forecasts contained in our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) during the 2013-14 regulatory year (from April 2013 to March 2014).


The Statement of Response:

This is the Statement of Response to the public consultation, published in November 2013.