Personal development

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We want to build a successful future for South East Water and to do that we appreciate that we need to develop our staff and help them build successful careers.

Our aim is to ensure all employees get the appropriate training for their role, and in addition we offer further development to those who have the aptitude and desire to go further. We have a Management Development Programme at all levels of the business to enable us to grow our leaders of the future, as well as opportunities for funding towards academic and professional qualifications to support technical competence.

We offer job-specific training for all roles within the company, and all staff have an annual appraisal with their manager. This process allows staff to discuss training and development needs, and to agree plans for progressing their skills.

All staff have access to our suite of engaging e-learning tools, which covers topics such as Time Management, Compliance, Presentation skills and Customer Service to name a few.

Finally, we believe that a good company should be about more than simply profit and loss – we encourage employees to take part in charity work, particularly for WaterAid, which we support in its bid to provide clean water to the world’s poorest people.