Report a leak

If you spot a leak, please let us know.

Our investigation and repair will be processed automatically when we receive your form. We aim to repair 90% of large leaks within two days, and often they are fixed even more quickly. For smaller leaks we aim to repair them within seven days, although this can be longer if the water is leaking from pipework that doesn’t belong to South East Water.

If you believe the leak is dangerous, or is causing damage, please call us on our 24-hour Leakline service, on 0333 000 3330.

How to use this form:

Just click and drag the marker on the map to the general area of the leak, and then zoom in and click and drag the marker to pinpoint the location more closely.

If you have a photo of the leak/location you can also attach this to help our engineers find the spot more easily. We will send you an email to confirm we have received your leak report, but will not usually need to contact you again.

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Report a leak

The information we collect from you is used by us to provide you with water services. This means we can use it to help detect and quantify water leakage; manage the water network; for billing, payment and debt collection purposes and helping us to fulfil our duty to encourage water efficiency. As a water company we may need to appoint other people to help us fulfil our functions and we may need to pass your information to them. Please be assured that we treat your information with the utmost security and you can go to our information policy to see how we use and protect your information:

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