How can I best protect against burst pipes?

Insulating pipes against spells of icy weather can help prevent burst pipes, which can cause misery if water damages your home and furniture.

Our top tips to protect against burst pipes are:

  • Check you know where your internal stop tap is located - this is usually under the kitchen sink or in the downstairs cloakroom
  • Check the stop tap will turn off before an emergency happens!
  • Lag outside pipes with insulating material
  • Ensure pipes, cisterns and tanks in unheated areas such as lofts are lagged
  • Repair dripping taps
  • If away leave the heating on low or drain down the system
  • Check loft insulation is in good condition
  • Leave loft doors open to allow warm air to circulate
  • If a pipe bursts turn off the water and central heating
  • Keep the number of a reliable plumber on hand
  • Make sure you have adequate insurance. You can insure your home against plumbing and drainage emergencies such as burst pipes with Homeserve.


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