How do I take a meter reading?

The meter we install looks like this:


Each meter has a unique serial number, which is printed on the meter casing just above the meter dials. This serial number also appears on your bill to identify and confirm which meter has been used to calculate your charges.

The black digits represent cubic metres (m3), and these are the ones that we use for charging. A cubic metre is 1000 litres. The white digits with a red background are hundreds and tens of litres, and are used for information only.

If your meter has been fitted externally, you will need to access the meter chamber, which is normally in the pavement outside your property.

Inside the chamber you will see a foam or plastic disc that protects the meter from frost. Take out the disc to take your reading.

Check also that the serial number is the same as the one on your bill. Once you have read the meter, replace the foam disc back in the same position that you found it and replace
the chamber lid.

You should only take a meter reading if it is safe to do so.

To submit a reading, please click here. You'll need your account number to hand.

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