Ashford - water meters are coming
22 August 2017

What is happening?
South East Water is fitting compulsory water meters to our customers’ water supplies so by 2019, almost all of our customers will have a water meter.

The programme will soon be reaching Ashford and the surrounding areas.

Why are we having water meters fitted?
The south east of England has been classed by the Environment Agency as an area of serious water stress.

This means that there is severe concern over the amount of water available for the increasing population.

Independent research has shown that customers with water meters reduce their water use by around 15 per cent.

The majority of our customers now pay for their water in this way and it is similar to how most of us already pay for gas and electricity – it’s based on how much we use. We believe this is the fairest way of paying.

Where will the meter be fitted?
We will survey the water supply pipe arrangements in advance.

In most cases our partner, Clancy Docwra, will install the water meter outside your home in the pavement or garden – usually where your current stop tap is located.

If we need to fit the meter internally you will be advised of this in advance and an appointment will be arranged to fit the meter at a time to suit you.

Will this affect my bill?
Once the meter is fitted future bills will be calculated based on how much water you use and will also include a standing charge which is a fixed cost to cover reading the meter, sending bills and eventually replacing the meter.

For now, you should continue paying your bill as usual. When your first metered bill is calculated, any over payment will be applied as a credit on your account.

What happens next?
First Stage – you will receive a letter to let you know that surveys of water supply pipe arrangements will be taking place in your area ahead of work to install meter.

Second Stage – two to four weeks before your meter is installed, we will write to you again to give you the week commencing date after which your meter will be installed. If we are unable to fit a meter to your property, the letter will confirm this, and what your water charges will be.

Final Stage – Once your meter has been installed, we will provide you with an information pack including how to get water efficiency devices and information on how to read your meter, check your usage and water efficiency tips.