Staplecross - flushing to protect water quality
29 September 2017

Work is being carried out to clean water mains in Staplecross to safeguard the quality of drinking water.
It is part of maintenance on South East Water’s underground mains.

What is flushing?
Flushing allows naturally occurring harmless deposits inside the network – such as iron or manganese – to be removed.  While these naturally-occurring deposits are not harmful, they can temporarily discolour the water.

Why do we use this method?
Flushing the water mains from the start to finish of the network – from service reservoirs, which store fully treated drinking water, to the point at which it supplies customers – is a very effective way of cleaning the inside of water mains.

How is flushing carried out?
Flushing involves directing water through the pipes quickly to draw the sediment deposits –out of the network. Once the water reaches its journey’s end, the flushed water containing these deposits is directed into the drains. We are careful to only use the amount of water needed to clean the pipes and flushing stops as soon as the whole system is running clear.

Will flushing affect my water supply?
During the flushing process customers may notice a reduction in water pressure, and possibly some discolouration, but this is temporary and can be solved by running the kitchen tap until the water runs clear.

Flushing will take place from Monday 9 October for approximately four weeks.
Week 1 Monday 9 October
Beech House Lane
Church Cottages
Dagg Lane
Ewhurst Green
Ewhurst Road
Hop Gardens
Junction Road
Lordine Lane
Main Road
Northiam Road
Rock Hill
Shoreham Lane
Staplecross Road
The Hop Garden
Village Street

Week 2 Monday 16 October
Adams Lane
Beckley Road
Broad Oak
Douce Grove Lane
Doucegrove Lane
Ellenwhorne Lane
Hastings Road
Hop Gardens
Horns Cross
Lordine Court Drive
Lordine Lane
Main Road
Northiam Road
Rocks Hill
Rye Road
Sempstead Lane
Staple Cross Road
The Hop Garden
The Stream
Watermill Lane
Watts Palace Lane

Week 3 Monday 23 October
Buddens Green
Church Lane
Coombes Close
Hobbs Close
Hobbs Lane
Holly Lodge
Horseshoe Lane
Kings Bank Lane
Main Road
Main Street
Repton Manor
Royal Oak Close
Stoddards Lane
Whitebread Lane

Week 4 Monday 30 October
Bixley Lane
Furnace Lane
Hayes Lane
Horseshoe Lane
Ludley Hill
Main Street
Moores Lane
Starvecrow Lane