Blooming good ideas to save water
25 May 2017

Gardeners are being asked to take action now to use water wisely while the weather is hitting record temperatures for the time of year.

With this being one of the busiest times in the garden, South East Water has some top tips that can easily be implemented to keep flowers blooming throughout the summer on its website for both outside and inside the home. There is even a chance to win a water butt.

Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources at South East Water, said: “Everyone loves to see a colourful garden and it can be maddening for gardeners to see the toll the hot summer sun can take on their prize blooms and carefully nurtured vegetables.

“However, with a bit of planning and preparation it is more than possible to reap great rewards in the garden while conserving precious water at the same time.

“As Tuesday (30 May) is national Water a Flower Day we are is hoping that water conscious gardeners will be using a watering can filled by their water butt.”

Top of the tips are:

• Install a water butt to collect free rainwater
• Lay a holed hose beneath the surface of a flower bed to drip feed saved water to plant roots
• Cut the bottoms off plastic bottles, upend them next to plants and allow gravity to drip feed water into the soil
• Mulch flower beds to preserve moisture
• Leave grass cuttings on the lawn to conserve moisture
• Water early in the morning and late at night to prevent excess evaporation
• Plant drought tolerant species of plants
• Don’t worry if the lawn goes brown. It will turn green again in the autumn
• Use bath water and washing up water in the garden

For more water saving tips go to: