Charlotte Evans MBE wellbeing week presentation
20 October 2016

Charlotte Evans Wellbeing Presentation

On Wednesday 19 October we
were thrilled to welcome Paralympic skiing guide Charlotte Evans MBE and Steve Wolfe, CEO of Kent Sports Trust to our head office in Snodland.

Charlotte Evans spoke about the importance of believing in yourself and how she won her gold medal.

Visually-impaired skier Kelly Gallagher and guide Charlotte Evans earned Great Britain their first ever gold medal at the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

It is the first gold medal won by a British team in skiing at either the Winter Olympic or Paralympic Games and represented a huge turnaround from just two days before when they finished last, leaving Evans in tears. (This is how Charlotte explained you should never give up on your dreams.)

Kelly has oculocutaneous albinism, an inherited condition that affects the pigment in the skin, hair and eyes. She has had poor eyesight from birth and only has partial sight.

Steve spoke about the Trust which uses the power of PE and sport, Kent Sports Trust strives to increase the opportunities that everyone has to learn through PE and sport and to realise his or her potential in society.

Steve also explained how KST are looking to introduce the “daily mile” to every primary school in Kent – this will entail every child walk the mile every school day.

Steve also made reference to the sporting efforts of our Procurement Specialist, Lee Allen who is running at least 5km every day, including several longer runs and marathons, to raise money for the Trust.