South East Water’s drought plan consultation
05 September 2017

South East Water has published its draft drought plan, which sets out the steps it would take during periods of low rainfall to ensure it delivers a reliable water supply for the essential needs of drinking, washing, cooking and cleaning.

To make sure the water company’s plans are up-to-date they are reviewed every five years and a draft document is published for consultation.

It details what actions South East Water would take to conserve water and secure customers’ supplies, while balancing the needs of the environment.

The updates include changes required by new drought plan guidelines, including assessing how to manage in more severe drought events.

Lee Dance, Head of Water Resources at South East Water, said: “We operate in a region that has been classified as water stressed which underlines the challenge we face in drought conditions.

"While the plan outlines the actions we take during a drought, such as moving water around our network and fast-tracking schemes to increase water resources, it also explains how everyone can make a difference by making sure water isn’t wasted, and how any water use restrictions, like hosepipe bans would be implemented.

“We very much welcome everyone’s input into this draft drought plan and will consider all suggestions and ideas.”

The draft drought plan is available to read at or to read in hard copy at South East Water’s Head Office, Rocfort Road, Snodland, ME6 5AH.

The consultation period is open for eight weeks and comments should be returned to Defra by 29 October, details on how to send your feedback are detailed on the website or will be provided to anyone who visits the South East Water office.

Following the consultation period South East Water will be asked by Defra to consider all the comments it has received on the company’s plan. South East Water will then publish its response, including any changes to the draft plan, by 15 December.