Clear promise to customers

Talking More 002Customers have told us their main priorities are clean water, low leakage, effective service, affordable bills and reliable supplies.

As a result we are clear on what our plan needs to achieve to deliver those priorities.

Our service to customers also needs to go hand-in-hand with more effective customer communication. We have already achieved significant change in this area, but our research told us that customers still feel we are invisible in their community.

To help bridge that gap, we have prepared a new communications strategy. Our goal is to provide clear information to improve our customers’ knowledge of what we do so their views are well informed, and so they understand the challenges we face and what we are doing about them.

Talking more, listening better:

Our strategy will deliver:

  • Innovative communication campaigns, for example, around water efficiency or leakage
  • Enhanced customer, community and stakeholder engagement on operational work and future plans
  • Greater choice for customers around digital communications
  • Increased customer trust in product and our services, and greater recognition of our brand

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