Clean water

Water Quality 003Our performance commitment

Customers have told us that water quality is among the top priorities for their water supply service. Our goal is that 100% of all samples we take and test will meet the stringent standards for protecting customers’ water supply.

Water quality2012/13 performance2019/20 target

Mean Zonal compliance 99.96% 100%

The investment we will make

We will invest in our pipes, treatment works and storage reservoirs so that every time customers turn on their tap, they can do so with the confidence that their water is safe to drink.

Our promise

We will also measure and work to maintain the high levels of customer satisfaction around water quality to help support the achievement of this outcome.

Our promiseCustomer satisfaction in 2013/14Customer satisfaction by 2019/20

Customers consider the appearance of their water is acceptable

4.6 4.6

Customers consider the taste and smell of their water is acceptable

4.3 4.3

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