Low leakage

Leaks 005Our performance commitment

We are committed to driving down leakage, not just in this five-year business plan, but in the longer term too, so that by 2040 leakage on our own water mains is close to 10%. We are phasing delivery of this outcome to close the gap between customers’ views of leakage and the true cost of finding and fixing leaks.


2012/13 Actual2019/20 target2040 target

Total leakage (million litres per day) 94.5 88.1 85.7

Leakage per property (litres per day) 106.5 92.6 77.5

The investment we will make

Finding and fixing leaks quickly, replacing those water mains which are at most risk of leaking or bursting and managing water pressure across our pipe network will all help drive down overall leakage.

Our promise

We have met our leakage targets for 11 consecutive years but know customers have a low level of satisfaction with our current performance on leakage. We will work to improve customer satisfaction around leakage.

Our promiseCustomer satisfaction in 2013/14Customer satisfaction by 2019/20Customer satisfaction by 2025

Customers consider the level of leakage
is acceptable

3.6 4.0 4.3

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