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CustomersCustomers have helped shape our business plan. They have developed our priorities and defined our five-year strategy around the service we provide, and the cost for that service.

Customers have also told us what they think of the overall package we are offering, in terms of a guaranteed level of service at a price they consider acceptable.

Talking with our customers has given us clear priorities for investment - to deliver clean water, low leakage, effective service, affordable bills and reliable supplies.

Developing a Customer Panel for the future

To ensure we continue to provide an excellent service to our customers we will be creating a new Customer Panel.

The panel, which will be in place by Spring 2015, will meet and review our performance on a quarterly basis. Among its objectives will be:

  • To monitor our performance against the outcomes agreed in the final 2015 to 2020 business plan
  • To help us develop and track our ongoing research into capturing customer satisfaction
  • To discuss and agree the programme, materials and delivery of customer engagement and research activities during 2015 to 2020
  • To ensure our customer service activities duly consider the range of customer groups in our supply area
  • To engage with us and provide constructive feedback on our business-as-usual activities
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