Talking water - in schools

Teaching young people about the role of water in our daily lives is vitally important.

School talks

We have a team of trained speakers who give a 30-45 minute talk aimed at eight to 11-year-olds in schools across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

Our business ties in with a host of National Curriculum topics - science, nature and the environment, planning, engineering and citizenship.

Pupils will meet the WOW (World Of Water) family and are taught about the importance of conserving water. Each pupil is given their very own World Of Water booklet and once completed they will become WOW Agents by receiving a certificate and badge. Pupils will also receive a ‘Sally Shower’ timer to take home so they can take on the four-minute shower challenge.

The talk covers subjects including the water cycle, where our water comes from, how it is made safe to drink and tips on how to use water wisely.

Children are shown a video as part of the presentation and have a chance to ask questions at the end. Talks can be given to younger pupils, if requested.

To arrange a school visit in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire please get in touch. Give your school or group name, address and contact telephone number with full details of your request.

Email us today to organise a fun and educational talk for your pupils.

Online resources:

South East Water also sponsors the Water in the School and the Water Family websites.

The Water in the School website encourages schools to carry out a Water Metering Project using free resources and information on the website. So, while pupils learn about how to conserve water, the school can also save money on its water bills.

Meanwhile, the Water Family website allows children to design their own family, explore each scene around the home, take challenges and make decisions about their water use.

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