Your ideas welcome

We are actively working to secure the water supplies of the future by inviting interested parties to offer us both solutions to reduce the demand for water or to offer new supplies of water.

Ultimately we want to develop new water resources and innovative water use reduction solutions in genuine partnership with individuals, landowners, businesses and technology firms, and we would welcome your contribution to this.

We have opportunities to accept solutions from both within and outside of our supply area and would welcome ideas surrounding both raw and treated water. Raw water is natural water found in the environment, such as rainwater, groundwater, and water from places like lakes and rivers.

We are also keen to hear from parties with ideas to reduce water demand on an individual property or community level.

So, we’re looking for individuals, landowners, businesses and technology firms to contact us if you:

  1. Have access to surplus private water sources 
  2. Have access to/be developing innovative technology (or have ideas) that could be used by us to:
    •  increase our supplies, or;
    • assist with water conservation and reducing water demand in the home or business 

We are fully committed to hearing from and working closely with individuals and organisations to develop solutions, therefore if you believe you may fit any of the criteria above, or could assist us in other ways contact our Water Resources Team at:

Some of the ideas put forward could make it into our Water Resource Management Plan which will set out what we need to do to meet demand for tap water over the next 25 years and beyond.

This plan will go out to public consultation in early 2018, ready for publication towards the end of that same year.

Further information

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