Using this website:

This website was designed with both usability and accessibility principles in mind.  The site can be used with a variety of adaptive technologies used by people with disabilities, such as screen readers.
Use the Options or Settings in your browser to make the text bigger or smaller.


It is possible to import your own stylesheet into this website, as follows:
In Internet Explorer select the Tools option, then Internet options and then Accessibility.  Click on any (or all) of three checkboxes to ignore colours, font styles or font sizes.
You can also change your stylesheet by clicking the checkbox titled 'Format document using my style sheet'.  Now browse to your stylesheet on your computer and click OK.
In Netscape, select the Edit option, then Preferences and then Appearance. You will then be given the choice to specify your own colours and fonts.

For ease of use, the following navigational tools are in use:
    •    The website has been divided into a number of major sections, grouped by subject.
    •    Menus are displayed on the left hand side of the pages.
    •    In the top right hand corner a Site Search facility is available.
    •    At the top of each page is a link to the Home page and also to the Sitemap page, which lists every page of the site in alphabetical order.
    •    Breadcrumb trail – below the main navigation bar is a breadcrumb trail which shows the path back from the page you are viewing to the Home page.