How much does your water cost?

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How are our prices set?

We each use an average of 160 litres of water each day at a cost of 56p. That's less than the cost of one litre of bottled water.

Your water bills are helping to pay for an investment of £475 million in your water services between 2015 and 2020 - that's over £500 for every home and business we supply.

This ensures your drinking water remains of the highest quality and the water main network and treatment works are maintained and improved.

The investment also helps us secure new water resources for the future and meet the demands of housing growth in the South East.

We are responsible for delivering, on average 565 million litres of drinking water every day to 2.1 million customers across Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire.

The prices we charge for water supply are set by the industry regulator Ofwat which assesses how much money we need to cover the costs of running our business and maintaining and improving our network of pipes, pumping stations or treatment works.

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