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helpingHands_153x153.pngSouth East Water makes grants through the Helping Hand scheme to our customers who demonstrate they are taking steps to achieve financial stability but need help clearing water and sewerage debt which has built up over the years.

South East Water's Helping Hand is funded by donations from South East Water and offers financial assistance to clear water and sewerage debt owed to South East Water (including bills which are collected by other companies or organisations on behalf of South East Water.)

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If the scheme is able to help, an award is made on a provisional basis, i.e. during the six months following receipt of a provisional award, an applicant needs to demonstrate their commitment to improving their financial sustainability with the ability and intention to pay current and future water charges and avoid falling back into debt to South East Water.

Six months after the provisional award has been made, if it can be seen that an applicant has taken these steps, their award will be confirmed and their debt to the water company existing at the time of the provisional award, will be cleared.

Apply for Helping Hand

Charis Grants administer the scheme on behalf of South East Water.

The quickest way is to apply online*

If you prefer you can download the application form from this website:

Download Helping Hand application form

For more information you can contact South East Water's Helping Hand via the following ways:

By email:


                 South East Water’s Helping Hand 

                 PO BOX 42, Peterborough        

                 PE3 8XH      

By telephone:  01733 421 060   (application form request line only)

Or by fax:       01733 421 020


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