What is a water meter?

Meter 001

A water meter is a mechanical device fitted on your water supply service pipe to accurately record how much water you use in your home for billing purposes, similar to your gas and electricity metering.

It means that you will only pay for the water you use, rather than paying a fixed amount each year based on the rateable value (RV) of your property.

The meter which will be fitted to your property’s water supply has Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) function; this means that we are able to read the meter more efficiently and it can also help us to detect leaks by providing improved leakage detection alarms.

On the face of the meter you will see a series of black numbers on a white background and, white numbers on a red background and two dials. We only bill for whole cubic metres used (the black numbers). The white numbers and dials can be used to check water usage or leakage.