How to read your meter

Meter _247px _w _001We aim to read your meter twice a year for billing but you may wish to read your own meter to keep track of your water use.

You may also wish to send us a reading if you have received an estimated water bill. We guarantee that you will only receive one bill a year based on an estimated reading.

Follow our step by step guide to read your meter:

Locate your meter

Your meter is usually found in a small underground chamber in the pavement or just inside the boundary of your garden. If your meter is fitted inside your home, you will normally find it under your kitchen sink or close to your stop tap.

Remove the lid

If outside, use a flat-bladed screwdriver to gently ease off the metal or plastic lid on the chamber and remove the foam or plastic disc which is found on top of the meter and protects it from frost.

Check your meter number

The serial number of your meter is shown at the bottom of your bill and on the top of the meter. Check your meter number matches your bill – this is especially important if you live in a flat and a number of meters serve the same property.

Take the reading

Read the figures in black boxes – these indicate the amount of cubic metres of water which have been used. One cubic metre equals 1,000 litres of water. Please ignore the red boxes, these are fractions of cubic metres and are not charged until they become full cubic metres.

Replace the lid

Once you have read your meter, replace the foam or plastic disc and carefully close the lid so it is not a trip hazard.