Phase in option

CMP_logo _90px _001If you think your bills may go up as a result of having your meter fitted, then the Phase in option could help.

The Phase in option is a payment scheme available for all customers who are placed on a meter during South East Water's Customer Metering Programme. However you will need to fill out an application form to opt in.

This scheme will allow any increase in charges to be spread over your first four metered bills. If your usage means your water charges go down, then you will simply pay the lower amount. The table below shows how this works.

Bill Metered bill Increase Discount applied to increase Reduction in bill Customer pays

1st bill £120 £20 100%  £20 £100

2nd bill £120 £20 75% £15 £105

3rd bill £120 £20 50% £10 £110

4th bill £120 £20 25% £5 £115

5th bill £120 £20 0% £0 £120

The Phase in option gives customers two summers and two winters to get a good feel for their water use at different times of the year, and provides an opportunity for customers to adjust their water use.

Three months after your meter has been installed, we will send you a letter with a summary of your recent water use. This will give you an idea of whether you are a high, low or medium user of water which will help to give you an idea of how much your future water bills could be.

If you would like to apply for the Phase in option, please complete the following form or call our Metering Helpline on 0333 000 0003.

Apply for Phase in Option
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