Why are we installing water meters?

CMP_logo _90px _001The South East of England has been classed by the Environment Agency as an area of serious water stress. This means that there is real concern over the amount of water available for the increasing population. According to the Met Office, the South East of England actually gets 31% less rainfall on average than the rest of the UK.

The Environment Agency has designated the South East of England as being under serious water stress on the basis that: the region has the lowest amount of water available per person; shall experience some of the greatest pressures for increasing demand in the future; shall experience high population growth; and shall see some of the greatest impacts on future water availability due to climate change.

Our metering programme is an important part of our long term plan to manage water supplies. Your water comes from rivers or deep, natural chambers underground – called aquifers – that help store rainwater. We rely on winter rainfall to keep these rivers and aquifers replenished so it is important to manage this vital resource.

Metering is a cost effective way of managing water — for both the customer and South East Water. Customers on a water meter tend to use around 10% less water than those who are not. We believe that metering is a fairer way for our customers to pay for their water as they only pay for what they use.

For South East Water it means we can delay introducing more expensive solutions to provide the necessary water, thereby keeping your bills as low as possible. Our metering programme is supported by Defra, the Environment Agency, Ofwat and the Energy Savings Trust.

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