Submit a meter reading

We normally read your water meter at least twice a year. If we send you an estimated bill, this will be indicated in the charge section of the bill. If we over or under estimate, we will correct this on the next bill with an actual reading.

If you receive an estimated bill and would prefer  your bill to be based on an actual reading, we are happy for you to complete the online form below and we will reissue an 'estimate to actual' bill.

Please note we will only issue a new bill if the bill we sent was based on an incorrect or estimated meter reading. If you send us a meter reading at any other time we will record the information but a new bill will not be issued.

To complete this form you will need:

  • Your latest South East Water bill
  • Your meter reading (find out how to read your meter)
  • The date of your meter reading
  • Your Account Number (left hand column of bill, below your address)

Fields marked with * are required.

Your details
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Meter reading:

If the property had a water meter, please provide a meter reading taken on the day of your move. If you are unable to take a reading please be aware that your new South East Water account may be set up based on an estimated read.

How to read your meter
Depending on the type of meter installed at the property, it may have four or five black numbers. You should ignore any numbers in red.

How to read your meter

Please enter your meter reading including any zeros. For example, if your meter shows 00123 the reading would be entered as 00123.

The information we collect from you is used by us to provide you with water services. This means we can use it to help detect and quantify water leakage; manage the water network; for billing, payment and debt collection purposes and helping us to fulfil our duty to encourage water efficiency. As a water company we may need to appoint other people to help us fulfil our functions and we may need to pass your information to them. Please be assured that we treat your information with the utmost security and you can go to our information policy to see how we use and protect your information:

Read our information policy