Tackling the amount of water lost through leakage is a priority for us and we know it is important to our customers.

We have a specialist leakage detection team working round the clock and we meet the demanding annual targets set by the water industry regulator Ofwat.

Each year we invest more than £13 million on reducing leakage and our dedicated team save an estimated 80 million litres of water every day.

We have bought 1,200 electronic listening devices and are placing them underground on to the pipes to monitor the sound of the water passing through the network.

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When the streets above are quiet between 2am and 4am, the devices come alive and listen to any sound coming from the pipes and transmit the data back to the office for analysis.

Any potential leaks will be followed up by a leakage technician and if a pipe is found to be leaking it will be repaired before it causes any major problems.

However, we cannot realistically eliminate leaks altogether. Each day we supply 540 million litres of water through 14,500 kilometres of water mains with 856,000 connections.

Leaks in pipes can be caused by a variety of factors – for example, icy weather – or corrosion. Pipes above ground are also liable to be damaged.

We are working hard to reduce leaks. However, our customers have a part to play too as about one third of all leaks are from the private pipes which supply your homes and businesses.

When a leak is on a supply pipe it is the customers’ responsibility to repair, although in some cases SEW may help by providing a contribution towards the cost of a repair or the cost of relaying the pipework if it needs to be replaced. For more information please click here.

Report a leak:

If you spot a leak, please tell us about it. You might be the first person to let us know - we would much prefer to get several reports than none.

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