How to check for leaks

Water pipes can become damaged in many ways - through changes in temperature, vibration, corrosion or faulty fittings - and leaks are not always obvious.

There are many ways to check for leaks on your supply pipe - the pipe which runs from your external stop tap or water meter into your property.

Some warning signs that you may have a leak include:

  • Damp patches, pools of water or lush vegetation during dry periods
  • An unexpected drop in water pressure
  • A continuous noise from your plumbing system even when no one is using water
  • A higher than expected meter reading

If you have a water meter, you can follow a number of easy steps to check for a leak on your external supply pipe - look out for damp patches on the ground, areas of lush, green vegetation during dry weather, noisy pipes and high readings if you have a water meter.

If you think you have a leak we can offer a leak detection service to help you find it. This is free for the first hour during normal working hours but we may charge if it takes longer.

We also offer schemes to help you repair or replace leaking pipes, which can be claimed once for each property.

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Saving water at home: look after your pipes

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