New connection checklist

What you'll need to complete your New Connection application forms:

You must include the following with your Application:

Application for a New or Replacement Water Connection:

  • Site location plan, clearly showing the location of the site in relation to the nearest public highway (or with a grid ref) and the surrounding geography and the scale of the plan.
  • Relevant design fee
  • Soils report (only required if the site is contaminated)
  • Flow rate in litres per second (only required if greater than the standard 25mm connection)
  • Copy of permission agreement to lay the service within third party land if applicable.

Application for Proposed Development Main and Services:

Budget Estimate – New Development with Mains requisitions only:

  • Site Location Plans
  • Number Of Plots

Firm Quote

  • DWG electronic Plan
  • Soils report
  • Build Programme
  • Estimate Fee

View the Guidance Notes for applications

View our policy on domestic sprinklers

Our charges 2017-2018

Please ensure you enclose these items with your completed application form and return this to Developer Services Dept. South East Water, Rocfort Road, Snodland, Kent, ME6 5AH, along with the relevant fee. If we do not receive the correct documentation and fee this will cause a delay to your application

If you have a query regarding your application, you can contact our Developer Services team on 0333 000 0060 or email us at

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