Taste and odour

We strive to supply top quality drinking water which is safe to drink and free from taste and odour.

However, occasionally you may notice a change to the taste or odour of your drinking water.

Usually this is simply because the taste of water varies depending on where it comes from - rivers, reservoirs, or underground aquifers - and occasionally we may need to alter the source of your supply.

This may mean your water has a slightly different taste or smell, but the quality will be unaffected.

Other common reasons for changes to the taste of your water include:

Antiseptic or chlorine taste or smell

A very small amount of chlorine is used to disinfect the water we supply to you, and very occasionally you may be able to taste it. This can be avoided by storing water in the fridge overnight. Faulty washers can also cause an antiseptic taste.

Musty tastes or smells

This can be due to bacteria in your domestic plumbing system - disinfection of the system should help.

Metallic taste

Domestic pipes made of copper or zinc can corrode and cause a metallic taste. This can be avoided by running the tap briefly if the water has been standing in the pipes overnight.

Lead taste

Some plastic pipes are made with anti-oxidants which can cause a lead-like taste. The only remedy is to replace the pipes.

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