Beware of bogus callers

Bogus callers are people who turn up unannounced with the intention of tricking their way into your home.

To make sure you know our staff are genuine, all of our employees wear distinctive uniforms and drive vehicles with our logo on to help you identify them as genuine. They also wear photographic identification badges and won’t mind you asking to see it.

If you're unsure about anyone claiming to be from South East Water, please call our dedicated bogus caller number on 0333 000 2244  to double check.

Our password scheme

For extra peace of mind, we offer a password scheme to help protect you against bogus callers.

When any of our employees visit you, ask them to give you the password before you let them in. If the person at your door gives you the wrong password or doesn’t know your password, don’t let them in!

Only you and our genuine employees, who will also carry photographic ID cards, will know what that password is.

If you're interested in putting a password on your account, please contact us so we can make this arrangement with you. Call our dedicated Bogus Caller line on 0333 000 2244. Lines are open Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm.


An example of what our technicians look like in their uniform, and the type of vans they drive.

Water testing – don't be alarmed

In line with Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016, we carry out random tests on water collected from around 5,000 customers' homes each year. This is so we can be certain the water going to our customers' taps is safe to drink.

As these tests are random, we're not able to make an appointment before visiting. However, we still make sure all of our staff who carry out tests wear a company uniform and show their identity card.

Staying safe online

Fraudsters are using various techniques (normally over the telephone but increasingly via email), to trick people into allowing access to their account details.

Please be wary of any unsolicited emails or telephone calls claiming to be from us, and don't open attachments unless you are sure you know who the email is from.

We will never send you unsolicited emails. You will only receive communication from us about your account if you have initiated a conversation with us first.

If you receive a message claiming to be from us that looks like it could be a hoax, phishing or spam email, please delete it immediately, block the sender and disregard the message.

To help you stay safe online, we recommend that you:

  • Install a reputable anti-virus product and keep it up to date
  • Ensure all of your devices' operating systems are updated as and when the provider issues updates
  • Never reveal usernames or passwords to others
  • Use a different password for every online account you have

If you ever receive communication claiming to be from us that you're unsure about, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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