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We all need to double our efforts to save water and make sure there’s enough for our trees, plants and wildlife to flourish.

Climate change is here and we all need to do our bit to use less water and protect the environment around us.

The less we use, the more we keep in the rivers, reservoirs and for nature.

With just a few simple swaps you can make a big change to the amount of water you use – which can help you save on your bill too!

Did you know?

Only around 1% of the world’s water can be sustainably converted into our safe drinking water.

While we’re working hard to protect the environment, we need you to get involved and save water at home. Every drop counts and by using less water, there is more left for nature.

More ways to get involved

Protecting water in the environment

Our 25 Year Plan for the environment

Protecting water supplies for future generations

We are proud to be set to become the first UK water company to create a 25 year plan for the environment.

We know that making lasting changes to the environment takes time and that we all need to work together to achieve this.

For us, it's about more than just continuing to supply water – we care deeply about the environment and want to protect it for future generations.

We are your local supplier of freshwater and we are committed to biodiversity projects with our partners that are protecting and restoring our local environment.

What we are doing