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Our approach

"Every customer counts" is one of our five business commitments and ensures that our customers' priorities lie at the heart of all we do.

We're committed to increase customer satisfaction across a range of measures, responding to the challenges set by our customers.

We're focused on all our customers, not just those who contact us, giving the silent majority a voice in our business.

Our Customer Care Team regularly gets out into the community to share advice and gain feedback from customers

Customer satisfaction

Each month approximately 130 customers are randomly selected to undertake a telephone survey to understand how satisfied they are with seven aspects of our service:

  • Appearance of their water
  • Taste and odour
  • Leakage
  • Direct interaction
  • Water pressure
  • Supply interruptions
  • Water restrictions

Customers are asked to give a score out of five where one is 'completely dissatisfied' and five is 'completely satisfied'.

Customers consider...2018/19 Actual 2017/18 Actual2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Appearance of their water to be acceptable4.
Taste and odour of their water to be acceptable4.
Level of leakage to be acceptable4.
Their direct interaction experience to be positive4.
Their water supply is of sufficient pressure4.
The frequency and duration of supply interruptions is acceptable4.
The frequency of water use restrictions to be acceptable4.

Customers consider bills to be value for money and affordable

Customer satisfaction with value for money is measured through our annual tracker survey.

The survey is our tool to help us understand customers' priorities and how they might change over time.

As this is run once a year we do not have quarterly results for this measure.

Watch out for our survey online in September/October 2018.

Customers consider...Target2017/18 Actual2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Bills to be value for money and affordable >80% by 2019/20 717471