There's lots we can all do to save water, money and the environment whatever the weather.

Everyone knows water is essential for life, not only human life but also for animals, insects or to keep vegetation thriving in towns, cities and the countryside.

As our world changes, the need to take care of our most precious resource is greater than ever. With just a few simple tips and tricks you can make a big change to the amount of water you use – which can help you save on your bill too!

There's lots of ways we can care for the water we have to keep taps flowing, from ditching the hosepipe to collecting rainwater.

Together we can make a difference.


Get your hands on some water saving freebies over at our partner website Save Water, Save Money.


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Together we can make a real difference 

Our 25 Year Plan for the Environment

Water and the environment are intrinsically linked.

That’s why we’ve taken the bold step of becoming the first UK water company to produce our own 25 Year Plan for the environment, aligned with Defra’s 25 Year Plan.

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Top tips to help you bust your bills while you save water, money and energy

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