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These pages are dedicated to you, our community of stakeholders who continually make sure we’re living up to our purpose of providing today’s public water service and creating tomorrow’s water supply solutions, fairly and responsibly, working with others to help society and the environment to thrive.

To achieve these ambitions we’re keen for you to collaborate with us to inspire, influence and guide us, while also creating two-way partnerships which benefit you.

The work we do with our stakeholders links closely to our engagement strategy and we continually log the wide range of interactions we have with you to help shape how we operate today, and also in the future.

Alongside this we currently have two stakeholder communities which help shape our plans as well as an assurance group:

Environmental Scrutiny Group

Our Environmental Scrutiny Group (ESG) is a forum open to expert individuals and groups interested and impacted by the company’s environmental activity, such as the implementation of our future water resource and environmental plans.

The group is independently chaired and includes, regulators, environmental organisations, farming unions, charities, local authorities and community representatives.

Vulnerability Affordability Forum

The Vulnerability Affordability Forum includes members from consumer support groups, housing associations, Citizens Advice, Money Advice and Pensions Service, Rural England and National Energy Action (NEA).

The group guides us on our affordability strategy, the schemes we offer those in vulnerable circumstances and the initiatives we provide to support our customers.

Customer Challenge Group

Our Customer Challenge Group (CCG) also holds us to account for the promises we made in our business plan and ensures the community voice remains at the heart of our decision making.

The group made up of independent members includes representatives from CCW, environmental organisations, local councils, engagement specialists and charities. The group has provided challenge to us in a range of areas including vulnerability, engagement, leaks, customer interruptions and our responsible business commitments.


Diary of events

Hearing from our external experts on how we are performing as a business and helping shape how we drive ourselves forward is key to ensuring we are delivering our purpose.

If you represent an organisation, group or charity and would be interested in signing up to one of our events below or would simply like to know a little more, please email or complete the form at the bottom of the page and one of the team will get back to you.

This page is updated regularly, so do keep checking back because an event relevant to you may be taking place soon.

DateEventDetailsLocationsHow to sign up
20 January 2022Water Resources South East Regional Plan consultation launch webinarThis webinar provides an overview of the development of the regional water resource plan, providing solutions for future water supplies including new reservoirs and water recycling optionsVirtualUse the form at the bottom and specify in the comments which event you would like to sign up for.
31 January 2022Water Resources South East Regional Plan webinarThis webinar will deep dive into the water resource solutions proposed in our Kent and Sussex areas VirtualUse the form at the bottom and specify in the comments which event you would like to sign up for.
1 February 2022Water Resources South East Regional Plan webinarThis webinar will deep dive into the water resource solutions proposed in our Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire areasVirtualUse the form at the bottom and specify in the comments which event you would like to sign up for.

Do you have an event that you would like us to attend, do let us know using the form below.

As part of the Water Resources in the South East (WRSE) alliance, we're currently consulting on the emerging regional water resources management plan that seeks to futureproof our drinking water supplies for the next 75 years.

It’s the first time we have created a regional plan in this way and therefore welcome your thoughts as your feedback will help shape the direction we take to manage the south east’s water resources going forward.

The emerging regional plan outlines a wide range of options for the south east which could be used to supply drinking water in the future.

For South East Water specifically, a number are within our supply area and include:

2025 to 2040:

  • Reducing water leaks and increasing water efficiency
  • Catchment management and nature based schemes which ensure long term quality and quantity of water
  • Water reuse schemes along the River Medway at Aylesford, Kent and along the River Ouse Peacehaven, East Sussex
  • Water transfers

2040 to 2100:

Continuing to reduce water leaks and increasing water efficiency

  • Additional catchment management and nature based schemes which ensure long term quality and quantity of water
  • A new reservoir at Broad Oak near Canterbury, Kent
  • Additional water transfers

To find out more and take part in the consultation visit WRSE's dedicated website.

The consultation closes on 14 March 2022.

Keep an eye out for

We we’re working hard in the background developing a range of reports and consultations which we would like you input on in the future.

As and when they’re published we will notify interested parties directly but also provide further information on our website, social media channels and in the press.

  • 25 Year Environment Plan consultation – due January/February 2022
  • Draft Water Resource Management Plan consultation – due August 2022

If you would like to be notified of when these consultations go live, please email or complete the form at the bottom of this page

You said, we did, we’re continuing to….

We constantly welcome discussion and feedback from our wide range of stakeholder groups. Understanding how our work affects your organisation and the communities you represent helps us improve and evolve.

We gather your feedback in a number of ways, for example:

  • Meetings and discussions
  • Forums and focus groups
  • Direct contact with us through letters, emails and conversation

Equally key to gathering your feedback, is letting you know how we’ve used it to improve our practices.

Below are the key developments that you have recently helped shape.

You saidWe didWe're continuing to...
Following the hot weather during the summer of 2020 which led to water supply issues, we spoke to various affected Mid Sussex stakeholders to understand their key concerns, learn lessons and put an action plan in place.Developed a 17 point hot weather action plan following feedback from local stakeholders. This led to changes in our approach to communicating water supply issues during periods of hot weather. For example our communications tactics now align with business trigger levels ensuring our communications methods are appropriate to the situation.During Summer 2021 we tested the updated communications methods against the various business trigger levels and sought feedback from stakeholders. That feedback has been positive so far, and we’ll continue to evolve our methods going forward. We are also continuing dialogue across the industry to think about how we better prepare for extreme weather and potential need for short-term temporary use bans if demand for water is extremely high.
During the formulation of our Drought Plan 2021, we held stakeholder sprint sessions to gather wide ranging views of what should be included. During the session stakeholders recommended changing the name of the Drought Plan as it was felt the word ‘drought’ was inappropriate for the UK. It was also felt that the plan should be made far easier for customers and stakeholders to understand.We changed the name of the Drought Plan to Dry Weather Plan and tested it during our public consultation. We also created two customer friendly magazines - one for our customers and the other for retailers.We tested the name change and customer magazines as part of the Dry Weather Plan consultation in 2021. Overall feedback received during our consultation was positive with people supporting our changes. We have now published a full statement of response and we have revised our plan to reflect the feedback we received.
In 2020 our Customer Challenge Group made suggestions to improve our annual performance, people and planet report for the 2020/21 period. These included providing historical data where possible to show data trends, benchmarking, developing the report and making it more accessible for the average customer to read.We moved our 2020/21 performance report online by creating a dedicated microsite enabling tools such as ReciteMe to be embedded, used simple language, created videos and showed historic data trends where possible as well as future projections to increase transparency.We are monitoring the analytics of the site as well as ongoing feedback in order to update the site further when we publish our 2020/21 report in 2022.
At our Vulnerability Network event in 2020, stakeholders said we should provide information on other support services available to customers on our website, making it them aware of other specialist organisations that maybe of benefit.We developed and launched the Help and Support page which provides customers useful information, links and telephone numbers to trusted organisations.
You said we needed to make things easier for customers and remove the barriers customers may face when applying or dealing with partners such as Citizens Advice.We are piloting a trusted partnership model with Citizens Advice Maidstone which includes a designated advisor and online referral forms to speed up applications and registration to our Priority Services Register and Social tariff.

Get involved

If you have an interest in driving us forward as a business, or would like to know more about how we work with our stakeholders and partner organisations, please complete the form below.

Equally we’re keen to support our communities too, so if you think we could help you, please do also get in contact.

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