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We aim to have a positive environmental impact. See how we are managing the environmental impact of our operational and investment activities.

Our approach

Underpinning our "every action counts" commitment - which makes sure our operational performance is safe, effective and efficient - is an environmentally responsible approach to our work.

This doesn't just mean complying with environmental laws and regulations; our employees are actively encouraged to become guardians of the environment.

There are two things that drive much of our environmental ethos:

  • The very nature of our supply area in terms of the environment we work in
  • The scarcity of naturally available water that can be found within it
Our Environment Team worked with Buglife to release rare wart-biter crickets to our carefully managed chalk grassland habitat

Leakage level

Leakage is the loss of water from the supply network. Total leakage figures include the loss of water between our water treatment works and the customers' boundary, and the loss of water from customers' pipes and in the home.

2018/19 Target2017/18 Actual2016/17 Actual 2015/16 Actual
Leakage level (million litres per day - Ml/d) 86.987.788.688.1

Meeting the water deficit

We're required to maintain the security of our water supplies and ensure that we have sufficient water available to meet our customers' needs both now and in the future.

The security of supply index measures how well we comply with this requirement. The index allows us to assess all the water that is available in our supply area and will also factor in how much of that water is being lost through leakage.

We then calculate customer demand for water based on current customer use and what we know is required in the future. We deduct our security of supply index score from 100 to give us our deficit.

We aim to have zero deficit.

2018/19 Actual 2017/18 Actual 2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Water deficit (million litres per day - Ml/d) 0000

Breaches of environmental regulations

We aim to be compliant with environmental regulations in relation to the number of breaches of abstraction licences, discharge consents and environmental permits we have.

Our target is to have zero breaches.

This outcome is measured by the results from Environment Agency routine site visits and audits of discharge consents as well as annual and daily abstraction data which we submit.

2018/19 Actual2017/18 Actual2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Breaches of environmental regulations (number) 11215525

Number of pollution incidents

We want to ensure we're compliant with environmental regulations. Our target is to have zero pollution incidents.

We're carrying out an intensive refurbishment of the site at Groombridge which had two pollution incidents on the same day last year. This will improve the efficiency and control of the works.

2018/19 Actual 2017/18 Actual 2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Number of pollution incidents 1120

Kg of carbon emissions per customer per year

We aim to reduce our impact on the environment by lowering our carbon emissions per customer per year. This is calculated by our total carbon emissions divided by the total number of people supplied.

We're continually reviewing how we can minimise our carbon emissions which includes assessing potential renewable options, an in-depth energy management review, our ongoing customer metering programme and our capital maintenance plan, replacing older assets with newer more efficient pumps which will reduce our energy and carbon.

2018/19 Actual2017/18 Actual2016/17 Actual2015/16 Actual
Kg of carbon emissions per customer per year 36.337.237.236.8