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Every day, we supply millions of litres of top-quality drinking water to Seaford homes and businesses.

To help you enjoy this water when out and about, and reduce the number of plastic water bottles ending up as waste, we've teamed up with Seaford Town Council to sponsor three Refill stations in the town.

These are located at:

  • Frankies Cafe, Esplanade, Seaford BN25 1JP
  • The Salts recreation ground, Richmond Rd, Seaford BN25 1DR
  • Bonningstedt Parade, Marine Parade, Seaford BN25 2QR

As well as providing tap water to 2.2 million customers across South East England, our team of environmental experts works hard to help the environment thrive.

Just some of the ways we do this include:

  • Funding the planting of thousands of trees in the South Downs National Park
  • Working with farmers and landowners to protect aquifers and rivers from potentially harmful substances
  • Participating in an EU-funded trial to investigate how different plant types can influence the amount of water reaching underground aquifers
  • Owning or managing 33 Sites of Special Scientific Interest, including Lullington Heath National Nature Reserve and two Local Nature Reserves

Why do we do this?

Water and the environment are intrinsically linked. Every drop of water we drink started life in a river or underground aquifer. As a nation, our daily water consumption today is almost twice as high as it was in the 1960s.

Around one in five water bodies in England are suffering from too much water being taken from them to supply households and businesses. And, more than half of the species that depend on UK rivers, lakes and wetlands are in decline, with 13% of our freshwater and wetlands species threatened with extinction.

The situation will only worsen unless we take steps to reduce our water consumption. And, if no action is taken, the country could be affected by shortages within 25 years.

So as well as supporting customers to use water wisely, we’re doing everything we can to make our natural landscape more resilient to challenges such as droughts, flooding and abstraction for drinking water.

One of three Refill points, next to the beach huts on Bonningstedt Parade, Seaford.

How you can help

Reducing your water use is the number one way to help protect the environment and make sure there is enough water to go around for people, plants and animals.

Here are four top tips to get you started:

  • Baths and showers account for 34% of total water usage in the home. Why not set a timer on your phone or pick a song from the Waterwise shower playlist and make sure that your shower is around 4 minutes. On average you will save 48 litres of water today by doing this!
  • Remember to turn off the tap while brushing your teeth – a running tap wastes approximately 6 litres per minute. You will be saving 24 litres of water every time you brush your teeth.
  • Watch this episode of Netflix’s Explained documentary series about the World’s Water Crisis on YouTube
  • Claim free water-saving devices for your home and garden here