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We're working hard to make our water supply service more resilient – for this generation and the next.

Our team of dedicated employees work round the clock to deliver safe, reliable, high quality drinking water, at a price that is affordable to all. In doing so, we also recognise that we provide an essential community-based service.

While the resilience of our business has been steadily improving over time, we know there is much more we can do.

That's why this strategy is so important.

It starts to bring together everything we have done (and are doing) into one place to ensure our thinking and messaging is clear and co-ordinated. It also articulates our collective “to do” list for the next five years.

The resilient customer

We want to involve customers in this strategy as they play a pivotal role in making their water supply more resilient. For us, it’s all about providing support, not just advice, that enables them to participate, act and instinctively respond with the right behaviours.

What does the resilient customer look like?

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The resilient business

Businesses have a big part to play in protecting water supplies. Our plan is to work with organisations that could offer support in major water supply incidents, for example local resilience forums, the fire service, national farmers union and the RSPCA.

In essence, resilient businesses are aware of the part they play in protecting and conserving water supplies and have robust contingency plans in place for when something does go wrong – particularly if it results in a risk to life, has health, animal welfare consequences or serious economic impact.

What would a resilient business do?

Water supply security

  • Help report leaks
  • Advise us of the criticality of water to their business
  • Have their own water contingency plans in place
  • Protect their own critical assets

Water quality

  • Help protect the network from contamination
  • Look after their business’ plumbing

Water efficiency

  • React intuitively to the weather
  • Be aware of water usage in their business
  • Help protect the environment

The resilient community stakeholder

A resilient community stakeholder participates in all elements of the resilience themes and every elements of our work. This will help us in all areas of our business, but in particular vulnerability, the environment and our responsible business credentials.

What would a resilient community stakeholder do?

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  • Promote our services and support – and share data with us so we can help each other help more customers.

  • Promote our campaigns and messages

  • Support us during incidents, particularly medium and larger scale incidents

  • Help co-create new solutions

The resilient developer

Our extensive work with housing developers has enabled us to identify the attributes a resilient developer would display. In essence, a resilient developer would participate across all water supply, quality and efficiency activities to help us meet the challenges we face in the region.

What would a resilient developer do?

  • Help report leaks
  • Help protect the environment
  • Promote water efficiency on their sites and in their newly built homes

Want to talk to us more about our resilient customer strategy?

We all have a part to play so please do get in touch with us so we can start the conversation and collaboration.